• A Beach Wedding

    A memorable Wedding on the Beach, to literally enjoy the uniqueness of a tropical Island Wedding.

  • Beach Front - Accommodation

    Choose from our selection of Beach Front Accommodation. We have two Fales, and 1 Self Contained Unit. Right in front of the white sandy beach. You literally step out into the sea.

  • Step into the Beach
    Step into the Beach

    A simple getaway from the busy city life

  • Friendly Environment
    Friendly Environment

    Affordable accommodaiton on the beach

  • The Beach
    The Beach

    Natural setting..

  • Have your Birthday with us
    Have your Birthday with us

    We host any kind of special occasions - birthdays, weddings, corporate retreats

  • Great for Surfers

    We have packages for surfers looking for the right waves

  • Sunday To'onai

    Come have lunch with us every Sunday - just 40 Tala per person, Buffet Samoan Styles!

Every Sunday, we now have To'onai, pronounced (toah-na'i)

For adult is 40.00 and children(12 under) half price

Time: 12:30 to 3:30pm 

You would expect a Menu:

  • Talo & Palusami (cooked in a traditional Umu),
  • size 2 (thats umm.. the size of the pig on a spit that we also cook in the hot oven of rocks aka Umu) ,
  • Oka ( Raw Fish with fresh Coconut Cream),
  • Faiai Fe'e( charcoal cooked octopus with coconut cream)
  • Moa Samoa (Samoan free range chicken),
  • Povi Masima (salted local beef, this is a local favourite),
  • Limu (sea grapes),
  • Green Salad,
  • Whole Fish with Ginger Sauce,
  • Chicken Stir-fry and our famous DESERT is FAAUSI.

Come and Enjoy the scenery and have a Samoan style meal like we always do after Church every Sunday.


Contact us for bookings or Call 72 81009, and if you have any special dietary needs please don't hesitate to ask!

A delicious meal
A delicious meal
Samoan prepared meal
Samoan Style freshly made