Smc_independent vsro download

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Smc_independent vsro

hey i need help with my private server, i have few questions 1-at SQL in account Database in _PrivilegedIP which ip i write? is it my internet ip. vSro SMC_Independent Error:) Hello Everybody im new in this forum and i know this forum since ) Sorry for my bad english onluy french. 22 Sep - 8 min - Uploaded by kaperucit0 Show off of some of the SMC functions. Some statements: I do not own the server where the.

Press File>open and choose the lupesbeachfale.com2 from the VSRO. After you . E. Go to the SMC_Independent and start the '' file. How to setup vsro server? Setting up a server based on VSRO server files Changeset vsro obt vv (u wont need it, unless you are just interested in viewing it). {. - upload Go to the SMC_Independent and start the. SROinfo - Private sro status, capacity, info website. Go to the SMC_Independent and start the "" file. Insert your GM account id and pw.

Latest SMC Link: Link : ent-v/. These are the complete files of the vSRO Server Files ver It contains: Blitzkrieq_Bin_Data (gameserver etc)-CertModule (Certification server)- SMC_Independent.