Ipod nano 6th generation applications download

By Vukree 2 Oct, 2012 0 Comments

Ipod nano 6th generation applications

7th & 6th Generation iPod nano: Only Pre-Installed Apps. The most recent versions of the nano—the 7th and 6th generation models—have the. jade, not sure which apps you are looking for. Here is a quick write up on the nano and it appears like there are not a whole lot of apps that you. No you cannot download games or applications on the 6th generation OR the most recent 7th generation iPod Nano. Answered by Ryan S.

Though they run some apps, they don't run third-party iOS apps (that is, apps created by anyone other than Apple). The 7th and 6th generation iPod nanos come. Hands on (and in) the iPod nano 6th generation reveals hints of video playback the application that runs the home screen under normal iOS. 6G iPod nano hack just beginning of long road to nano apps plan to kickstart a race to hack Apple's sixth-generation touchscreen iPod nano.

Another complete reinvention of the iPod nano sees a bigger touchscreen with No camera; No 3rd party apps; No clip; Old-style earphones.