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Exteel sea online

Exteel SEA Online. I wasn't really aware that there is a game called Exteel not until I visited Ozine Fest 09 in Megamall last week. Since the April 2 kickoff of its Closed Beta phase, online shooter game Exteel has been rapidly and steadily gaining a wide following from the gaming community. Exteel 2 return. K likes. Support the cause and we send emails so nscoft Exteel take out 2 soon as possible. apoyemos la causa y mandemos correos asi.. .

Exteel was a third-person shooter game published by NCSOFT, a Korean game company, and was developed by NCSOFT's E & G Studios. Players controlled giant vehicles called Mechanaughts ("mecha") and fought against the computer, or against other online players, . On December 22, , NCSoft terminated its license to Exteel SEA. Exteel online. Group (AsianMedia) reached another partnership milestone with the contract signing for Exteel SEA last September 1, Exteel SEA Official Thread - Updated!, Free-to-Play Mecha PVP Game. Share on | Track . think Gundam + Gunz Online + Armored core:clap.

Test your mettle in Exteel, a fully-loaded, futuristic shooter that puts you in control of Exteel is a free MMO which allows you to fight against other Mechs co .. Pirates · Pirates of the Burning Sea · Pirates of the Caribbean Online · Pirates.