River crossing puzzle in excel download

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River crossing puzzle in excel

Fun games where the goal is to get on the other side of river while respecting all safety rules. 17, To cross the river, click on the red head on a pole on the other bank. 23, I'm sending you a test that Japanese use for hiring employees. At a river crossing with a small boat you arrive with a goat, Speaking of Excel, if you were so inclined - you could use it to solve the puzzle. 0 0.

any member of the family. 14, 5. Only the Policeman and the parents can drive the boat. 16, The aim is to get all persons to the other side of the river. on an Island and the only way to save their lives is by crossing the river by boat . The Question is to Solve the above puzzle logicaly applying the above. To play, click on the blue circle to start. Instructions. Only 2 persons on the raft at a time. The father cannot stay with any of the daughters, without their mother's.

Choose a river crossing puzzle above. Each puzzle requires you to get all of the characters across a river in a small boat. The boat can cross the river many. crossing the river with a wolf, goat, and cabbage. This activity is inspired by a very old logic puzzle from the 8th century! © copyright - by Maurici.