Stepone software v2.2.2 download

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Stepone software v2.2.2

NOTE: Prior to downloading any software to a computer used for instrument PC , Download, StepOne™ and StepOnePlus™ Software v, Read Me |. StepOne™ Software v supports both Applied Biosystems StepOne™ and StepOnePlus™ Real-Time PCR. Systems. StepOne software allows the user to. You can get more details about StepOne Software v at http://www. The program is frequently placed in the.

The StepOne™ (48 well) and StepOnePlus™ (96 well) Real-Time PCR and instrument control software that performs for a wide array of genomic assays; LCD. A software program for the Applied Biosystems StepOne and StepOnePlus Real- Time PCR Systems. StepOne software allows the user to open and analyze. Data were analyzed with the Step One software V (Applied Biosystems).

Applied Biosystems StepOne qPCR comes with its own software for template input and data output but this is only for PC. What Im looking for is a.