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Order of the stick comic

8/29/ - Good Deeds Gone Unpunished Now Available 7/13/ - Project Wonderful Shutting Down (and Book Update) 4/30/ - New OOTS Prequel. 4/30/ - New OOTS Prequel: Good Deeds Gone Unpunished! 3/27/ The Order of the Stick - D&D 5e/Next - Roleplaying Games -.

The Order of the Stick: Good Deeds Gone Unpunished is a collection of five the Katos takes place in the present day of the comic, in their new island home. The Order of the Stick (OOTS) is a comedic webcomic that satirizes tabletop role- playing games and medieval fantasy. The comic is written and drawn by Rich. Contents[show] Cast The Order of the Stick Roy Greenhilt ◁ ▷ Haley Order of the Stick comic · OOTS Comic no. Date published, 20 May

The Order of the Stick is a Stick Figure Webcomic by Rich Burlew set in a The comic is well-loved for its complicated plot (with storylines planned years in. I've been a fan of Rich Burlew's Order of the Stick for almost as long as the comic's existed. Over the course of the strip, clocking it at almost a. 5 days ago Order of the Stick (also known as WORDSWORDSWORDS), written Half of /tg/ thinks the comic has shit pacing, poor jokes, and an army of. Help us reprint the out-of-print The Order of the Stick books to reach new readers (especially those who only discovered the comic in the last.