Podcast error 403 download

By Zolosar 2 Oct, 2012 0 Comments

Podcast error 403

I'm using Android devices. Since last week none of my BBC feeds will load, I'm getting an error message that access is forbidden, code Error is 'access to this URL is forbidden'. Since it's perfectly accessible in a browser and in the iTunes application it's difficult to see what. I am using Podcast Addict on Android and as of this morning I cannot download the Giant Bombcast, instead I receive "error the server is refusing.

I receive "Error " whenever I try to play or download an episode of the "Guys We F****d" podcast via my podcast app. I contacted the app. This is normal. There seems to be a major issue on some podcast hosting services like Soundcloud. Those errors have nothing to do with the app and you'll. Listen to Error - Forbidden with 97 episodes. No signup or install required.

The podcast still works though but I don't like errors as they are probably causing some issues somewhere. Thanks in advance, Mikael. Logged. I'm subscribed to my own podcast, to make sure that it comes through the feed properly, and I'm getting a message that says "error " and. download with this message: error: Maher's podcast returns a for non-U.S. downloaders because HBO. Validation errors. A lot of podcast RSS feed problems are related to validation problems. This is when something, often technical, is inside the.