Broforce level editor download

By Kegar 2 Oct, 2012 0 Comments

Broforce level editor

Guide on using the level editor. Everything from triggers to doodads. More info will be added. A rapid walk-through the basic steps of building and publishing a level in Broforce. I try to gather advanced knowledge about the Broforce Level Editor in this guide, as well as providing usefull tools to furhter edit them outside of.

how come we cant spawn the sky fortress? also how do i make the area liberated music change to postbossfight area liberated music? also. I'm not really sure how to navigate the level editor at the moment (except by moving around as a bro), so this is probably just be an issue of my. How do I set initial spawn point for player? I have complex level, but the game seems always chooses the highest left point to start level from.