Gmod loading screen download

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Gmod loading screen

add a loading screen for your garrys mod server! put 3 music files in the music folder. replace the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in on line 24 with your personal api key. Convar: hostname For exmaple: "Garry's Mod Server" serverURL- URL for the loading screen. Convar: sv_loadingurl For example. So I threw this together for my server (which I am not trying to advertise here) and I thought that someone else might want to do something similar but not really.

This small guide will ensure that your server will have a little bit of an extra 'cool' by adding a simple image as a loading screen when people. I'm making a loading screen for my gmod server. Gmod Loading screen. A Pen By MrTimcakes. Run Fork Settings. Change View. Great Loading screen one of the best ones out there, only prob is a tad bit difficult setup but once you get it its worth your wild! and only $5!!!.